About Blue Eyed Hippie Girl

So who am I….                                                                                                                      c.flower.power.hippie.2
I’m an adventurous, free spirited, just want to live my life to the fullest with no regrets, strong willed divorced woman & mom to love bug who was born in August of 2012. I think we are surrounded by beauty if we just bother to open our eyes to see it, I love DIY and home made things, I wear my heart on my sleeve, speak my mind and would do anything for those I love. For an idea of my parenting style https://blueeyedhippiegirl.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/wait-a-minute-whose-child-is-this-anyway/

What is my blog for/about…..
I’ll be sharing my experiences; sometimes good & sometimes bad, but always honest, as I stumble thru motherhood, dating, and life in general trying to get the most out of it without screwing it up too much.

How can you contact me….
If you want to tell me off, don’t bother. I don’t accept any negativity in my life. Otherwise you can email me at BlueEyedHippieGirl@yahoo.com

If you like my blog, follow it and comment. If you don’t then simply move along 🙂


One thought on “About Blue Eyed Hippie Girl

  1. Hi,

    I find your blog extremely useful for all those who want to prepare for the life in the positive sense. I am married men, having a lovely wife and the articles you have posted in your blog has made me realize that I need to learn a lot of patience and support my wife in all of the phases that she goes through especially after becoming a mother.

    Thank you very much for such a valuable resource and yes, people as positive as yourself are rare to find nowadays.

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