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Plus one =3

So it’s finally happened and I have officially lost my mind! We have added another fur baby to the house.

My roommate has Trixie, a large 17 yr old dog who is half blind, half deaf, loosing bowel control and a 16 year old cat. I have Letti, a small puppy who just turned 1. My dad found a 9 week old Australian cattle dog in BFE and I was going to foster him while looking for a home. My roommate decided he wanted to keep him.

Here’s what our days now look like;

The dogs all go out to pee, 5 minutes later there’s a pee spot, while I clean it up one of them poops in the other room and while I clean that up livebug screams cause Riley, new puppy, stole her Barbie doll.

We lock up the puppies and go to the store. We come back and Trixie has gotten into the trash. There is a stream of garbage spread one way across the dining room and the other way across the kitchen; a mix of paper, corn, Powerade, chocolate milk, and trash.  I tell lovebug not to let the puppies out but she doesn’t listen and before I can stop them they are running thru the trash. I’m trying to clean it up with lovebug announces Riley is peeing in the house, I go to clean that up and come around the corner just in time to see Letti slip on the wet floor through a fresh pile of poop. As I’m shoving dogs outside lovebug started yelling from the hallway that she had an accident…. and she wants a baby alive.


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Christmas Goodbye

When I was 16 I moved out of my parents house in Indiana and across the us to Arizona with my high school sweetheart. We lived in an apartment with two male roommates for 4 months finishing out the lease then got our own place.

He took me to a no kill cat shelter and told me to pick a fur baby. We strolled around meeting lots but none stole my heart until we were hesitantly introduced to A beautiful 4 month old tabby. She had been reschsed and was terrified of people. I climbed under a table and pulled her out to see her. She was shaking, her tail between her legs, ears flat, and drew blood across my shoulders as she fled in fear. They were shocked when I said “I want her”


In the following months Jewel transformed into a sweet loveable lap cat. She would nuzzle her face into my neck, my arm, my chest and pur loudly. She became a comforting weight against my body as she snuggled into me every night for 21 years. She moved with me 12 times, across the country twice, saw the addition of another cat, and three dogs as well as that of my daughter.



The last year was hard as I watched her become smaller & less mobile. She stopped grooming herself as she took its toll on her.


On Christmas Eve my roommate texted me to see if I was still awake and my heart sank knowing something was wrong. I went in and she was laying on the bathroom floor in a puddle of pee unable to get up, seemingly unable to see anything. I wrapped her in a towel and took her to my bed tears pouring down my face. For the next two hours I snuggled her and talked to her wondering if she could even hear me or knew I was there. She took a last shaky breath and was gone.

My heart cracked and I couldn’t stop the outpouring of pain even after I woke my daughter. I wrapped her in a blanket and my roommate buried her outside my wi sow the next morning as hid in the shower and let go of the tears I had fought back all morning during gifts and breakfast.

I know Christmas will forever be shadowed by the loss of my fur baby, and though my heart will forever have a piece missing  I feel so thankful to have rescued her because I needed her just as much as she needed me.



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It’s a 💩 kind of day

So for Those who have not followed me I have a 7 mo old puppy who is potty training, a 19 yr old dog who is beginning to loose bowel control/ability to hold it as is my 21 yr old cat. Also the puppy eats poop. 

I happily woke up after the sun today and got distracted while going pee checking my Facebook. No biggie as I had just let the dogs out right….WRONG!!

Lovebug comes running in to infom me the puppy pooped in the play room. I grab some paper and my old dog goes running by me leaving a trail of giant poop turds. 

The puppy did not poop she had direah all over my freshly shampooed carpet, and my kitchen. As I’m cleaning it up she proudly comes running in with a big dog turd in her mouth that I missed. As I was walking to the bathroom to wash my hands the cat pooped in the hallway. 

now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to brush the puppy’s teeth. 

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And the day is not even half over

Without thinking it thru H agreed to take care of his daughters dog ( a shiatsu)overnight last night and today until 6pm. Keep in mind we have two cats, one of which is really old, H works, we live in a condo with no yard and I’m allergic to dogs. Starting to get the picture?

It started off okay as H’s son closed his bedroom door and kept the dog with him all night. H left at 7 for work and P left at 7:45…Cue whining, barking and scratching at the door which turned into howling. Love bug woke up and started screaming.

I put the cats in my room, let the dog loose in the house, close my door and nurse love bug back to sleep. The dog starts to whine and claw at my door. The cat begins to frantically meow as if the dog is going to get in and eat her. The cat poops all over my room. The dog begins to howl which wakes up love bug. I give up, get dressed, get love bug dressed, clean up the poop and open my door to find dog pee covering my hallway. I clean that up and take the dog out where she sits and stares at me for 10 minutes. We come back in,  she promptly goes in my kitchen and pees.

I clean it up and open my fridge to find it empty of anything to drink. I decide I deserve a treat so love bug and I go to village inn for breakfast. I come home and immediately step in pee when I walk in. I clean it up and take the dog outside for a 20 minute walk. We come in and she pees in my living room.

Love bug is tired and crabby. I’m tired and crabby. My house smells like dog pee and needs to be cleaned. My eyes are swollen, red and itching. I have hives and am wheezing because the dog is laying next to me but at least she is quiet and not going pee (at the moment).