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A pampered life

      I met R online as seems to be how I meet everyone lately. He owns a promotions company that supplies prizes and giveaways to radio stations, employee rewards for different companies and is part owner of a handful of business’. 

        We quickly reaslized the benefits of working together; I’m apparently great at marketing, closing deals and have great ideas while he treats me whatever I want; sushi, VIP passes to concerts, and fun trips like Vegas. 

      His marriage has been rocky for a while now, and the discovery of his wife having an affair recently was the final straw. Some of my friends think that I should go for it with him as there are worse things than being a spoiled and pampered wife; Driving a nice car that is paid for, going to the gym, eating at nice restaurants, cruises and amazing vacations, and not having to work. Having married for love before and having it failed the idea crossed my mind because it would be an amazing life for lovebug….. 


      There is no romantic or sexual chemistry or connection with him. Maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic, or maybe because I have hope I still believe in love. I’d also be setting an example for lovebug to marry for the wrong reasons, to settle, and to give up. Honestly I’m not ready to give up yet. 

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Viva las vegas

     This afternoon finds me laying in bed watching tv, my legs feel as if I ran a marathon, my stomach churns at the thought of putting anything in it other than water, my eyes fight to stay open. This is the aftermath of 3 nights in Vegas. 

       A rather last minute business trip mandated I venture to Vegas for the first time so naturally we had to make it a full experience. R and I flew out Wednesday afternoon after I got my hair done and covered my lovebug in kisses before leaving her at my moms house. Dressed in a slinky black top, leather leggings and knee high boots we started the trip with cranberry & vodka on the plane. 

       We stayed at Polo towers which  is a great location! Above is the view from the living area of my suite. Below is the view from and of the roof. 

  After a quick stop at the hotel we walked over to v theater to see Zombie burlesque and Marc Savard, giving me my first taste of the strip.  I enjoyed Zombie Burlesque and then volunteered to get on stage at Marc Savards show. I thought it was not working as I sat there amongst 20 something people concentrating on what he was saying. The next thing I know he was shaking my hand and thanking me for participating. I returned to my seat thinking I had fallen asleep only to realize there was just two people left on stage, and I was holding a giant penis sucker. After the show people came up to me telling me Great job and giving away bits and pieces of the show which I had no recollection of.  Last night I watched several of his shows on YouTube and was mortified that I may end up on there for all the world to see. We ended the night early after some pizza. 

     Thursday was a relaxed day as it was pretty quiet in Vegas so we spent the morning at Circus Circus then the rest of  the day exploring, checking out casinos, shops and sights, tasting chocolates and drinking room temperature drinks as we walked the freezing cold strip.

       Friday I started the day with Starbucks hot chocolate and fireball, and a giant peanut butter chocolate cupcake from Hershey’s before heading to Ross to buy tennis shoes. As good as my heeled boots look they are made for all day walking in! Then onto the stratosphere where I turned into a popsicle on the rides. I donned a super stylish  jumpsuit and a harness before making my way up to the top of the stratosphere and being strapped into some cables that looked as if they would never hold let alone stop me from smashing into the giant bullseye below as I jumped off a tiny plantform arms out like super man and my face covered in what I’m sure was the biggest smile I have ever had. My feet hit the ground as I burst out laughing already wanting to do it again. 


The stratosphere was followed by more drinking, some pool, dinner with more drinks and a show called zoomanity. I was completely enthralled, my eyes riveted to the stage from the girls in the fish bowl to the little person flying they the air. I highly recommend this show! (It is sex based) 

     Walking back to the hotel we stopped when we smelled pot looking around and a man quietly said I got some. $20 later with a nice green ball in my pocket we were buying a pipe which we smoked on the patio 18 floors above the strip before stoned and drunk we hit the town for our final night in Vegas. 

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Hitting Bottom

When it rains it pours but in my case It comes with thunder, lightning and tornado’s too!

I was in a difficult job, running a home side by side with an adoptive mom of 7 high needs children. When my job duties and schedule changed without discussion or warning we had a falling out which led to her firing me. Actually she used the term “letting you go” as if that would be somehow not as hard to swallow. So I did what any sane person would do and went on a two week road trip, cross country, with my parents, and my 4yr old all IN THE SAME CAR!!!!! We survived.

A week after we got home love bug and I went to the car wash to wash, wax, vacuum, and Armour All my beloved Tahoe which had just taken us on the road trip. On the way home I was making a left hand turn and another vehicle tried to run the light hitting us at 45 mph then flipping over my car. My front end pushed in, the firewall buckled, the steering column shattered, the steering wheel pinned my thigh and the air bags went off. Everyone said had I been in a smaller vehicle I’d have died. Had I been 4 feet further into the intersection my daughter would have died.  We were lucky to walk away. All she had was a bruise on her cheek and a few nightmares, a fear of going in the car for a week or so. I tore two muscles in my shoulder, separated several ribs from my sternum, a hairline fracture in my thigh, as well as one in my collar bone, lots and lots of bruising and stiffness.

Four days later E broke up with me. He didn’t like that my near death crash changed my perspective on life in general and I called him out  on his feelings.

On Christmas day I said goodbye to my fur baby of 22 years as she passed in my arms.

I thought I was at rock bottom. I was hurting physically and emotionally. I felt broken and all I wanted to do was hide under my covers and cry. But I have a child so life goes on, and hey it cant get any worse right……

A few days later A, a male best friend of mine told me I wasn’t there when he needed me, that he had made the mistake of thinking he could count on me and I bailed. He said he was in Love with me and thought we could remain friends but that I pulled away because I was falling apart made him realize he couldn’t be my friend.

I’ve stopped asking or thinking what else could go wrong because the universe has shown me there is always more!


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From dating to..creeping…

   So I met this guy in a parenting group; single dad, teenager at home, full time mechanic, owns a house and a car. He seemed like he could be a good friend, someone to have fun with. I was very upfront about everything, and that I’m just looking for fun, that I’m an attached mom and don’t leave my daughter a lot so mostly daytime stuff and occasional evenings. 

He asked me to meet him yesterday at the park, we could feed the ducks, talk. He texted me he was running late, no biggie. 

I overlooked the fact he showed up filthly. I thought he would change and clean up after work but whatever. He proceeds to tell me his “story”.  He was a truck driver, came home early and his wife was kissing another man on the front porch. He bashed the windows, headlights etc. on the guys car and said he would have gone after the guy next except his wife and kids were freaking out. Can we say anger issues? 

Next he reveals he has 12 children. 12!!! I have no clue if they are all with his two ex wife’s or not but 12! And he wants more.

He proceeds to tell me how he came home from work the other night and his 14 yr old was in bed with his girlfriend and her two best friends but his son said not to worry cause he was safe and oh by the way needs more condoms. And he thinks it’s awesome.

I gracefully bow out and hop in my car to leave when he shoves himself thru my window and hugs me. I think it was meant to be a kiss that  I managed to avoid.

In the 24 hours since then I have recieved 11 texts from him including one at midnight and one at 2 am, even though I have replied to none. He has informed me he is bored, would Love to have breakfast with me because he misses waking up to someone, that he is buying an SUV that is the same as mine, asked me to go to Vegas for the weekend in two weeks and asked me to come over tonite because he is feeling lonely and would like to feel my warm body against his while we watch a movie. 

I sent him a message telling him I don’t think we are on the same page, that xyz were red flags/made me uncomfortable and he wants to know  “well do you still want me to talk to you or not?”

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Wanted New best friend

31yr old married full time mom seeks like minded individuals or couples.  Must be adventurous, available for play dates and coffee, not afraid of bodily fluids or a messy house. If you have showered, done your hair and makeup every day this week you need not apply.

What is it about announcing “I’m pregnant” that makes your friends scatter like roaches when the light are turned on. Sure at first there are lots of congrats and I’m happy for you’s. But slowly as they realize you aren’t going to take them up on their invitations of dancing till the wee hours of the morning or drinking till the sun comes up they stop calling.Their idea of fun is not listening to the baby on that cool gizmo you bought on eBay, talking about babies poop or marveling at their latest milestone.

You quickly find that you are on a different level than everyone you know. Your friends either have older children and have moved out of the baby phase into T ball, dance classes or are not yet there and are still of the lets party mindset. Your husband, bless his heart, no matter how hard he tries just cant fill the gap left by girlfriends.

The first few month fly by consumed with caring for your new little person, trying to remember things like brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant and putting your boob away before opening your front door. Then as you settle into a routine you find yourself alone, talking to the baby, who doesn’t understand you, so really you are talking to yourself all day. And this gets rather lonely.

Where are all the other new moms? You saw tons of them when you were pregnant, everywhere you went were round baby bellies and little people. My solution….I have decided to run a personal ad. Its rather simple, what I’m looking for. If you have a child under a year old, are the primary care provider for said child, and if your child is attached to your hip or you often feel like a milk cow then we should talk. If you have a nanny, let your child cry it out, have a house keeper, have managed to shower, fix your hair and put on makeup  every day this week then I’m probably not your cup of tea.