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Plus one =3

So it’s finally happened and I have officially lost my mind! We have added another fur baby to the house.

My roommate has Trixie, a large 17 yr old dog who is half blind, half deaf, loosing bowel control and a 16 year old cat. I have Letti, a small puppy who just turned 1. My dad found a 9 week old Australian cattle dog in BFE and I was going to foster him while looking for a home. My roommate decided he wanted to keep him.

Here’s what our days now look like;

The dogs all go out to pee, 5 minutes later there’s a pee spot, while I clean it up one of them poops in the other room and while I clean that up livebug screams cause Riley, new puppy, stole her Barbie doll.

We lock up the puppies and go to the store. We come back and Trixie has gotten into the trash. There is a stream of garbage spread one way across the dining room and the other way across the kitchen; a mix of paper, corn, Powerade, chocolate milk, and trash.  I tell lovebug not to let the puppies out but she doesn’t listen and before I can stop them they are running thru the trash. I’m trying to clean it up with lovebug announces Riley is peeing in the house, I go to clean that up and come around the corner just in time to see Letti slip on the wet floor through a fresh pile of poop. As I’m shoving dogs outside lovebug started yelling from the hallway that she had an accident…. and she wants a baby alive.



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