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In another liftime

T was great looking, a weight lifter with a fantastic build and a slight bad boy look. He was smooth, charming, and full of cheesy jokes that always kept me laughing. His sexual skills earned him the nickname Sex God. He had positions that made me question if he read karma Sutra in his free time. He was very affectionate, always touching me,be it rubbing my leg, massaging my foot etc. We had an amazing chemistry and both agreed we had never had this with anyone else.

However, he was hot and cold. He has no sense of time, and commitment issues. He was really into me then disappeared for a few days, he said he’s broken somehow, that the better it gets the more he screws it up. We quit seeing each other when I started dating E. After E & I split we starting talking again. This time around it feels a bit different. He is more focused on me, more sentimental. The sex a slower more emotional pace. I know he has feelings for me but will not commit.  That along with his complete lack of a sense of time, and only working here and there doing handyman jobs means most likely no future.

In another lifetime we’d be great together.


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