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So I took the plunge and posted a dating ad. It was comical and entertaining. It’s how I met J so when he bailed out I thought I’d try again. I reposted the same ad. I’ve learned a few things and thought I’d share them.

First someone is out to get me. A friend suggested it’s J. Maybe someone doesn’t like my ad, or women who know what they want but in any case my ad keeps getting flagged and removed.

Apparently people who smoke pot do not consider it a drug. My ad said no drugs yet I have gotten multiple responses from guys who smoke pot.

You have to be VERY specific. Around my age apparently means 15 years older. I am not attracted to Hispanic men means as long as you don’t look Hispanic it’s okay. Please include a picture means send me a picture of your abs or your package. Single means as long as she doesn’t know. Please have a job means be a drug dealer, on unemployment or social security. I’d like to be friend first means send me a paragraph about yourself and let’s hook up tonite, or better skip the paragraph and let’s just hook up!

I’ve had men respond who have: 12 kids, asked if I could pick them up if they asked me on a date because they don’t have a car and one who lost his liscence for too many dui’s, have had their child taken away by cps, believe a woman should be his to use as he sees fit in bed, wanted to know if he could watch me with other men and one who was not comfortable with me living with my ex so would I move in with him while we were dating.

I have heard stories but thought that stuff only happened on tv!!


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