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It’s a 💩 kind of day

So for Those who have not followed me I have a 7 mo old puppy who is potty training, a 19 yr old dog who is beginning to loose bowel control/ability to hold it as is my 21 yr old cat. Also the puppy eats poop. 

I happily woke up after the sun today and got distracted while going pee checking my Facebook. No biggie as I had just let the dogs out right….WRONG!!

Lovebug comes running in to infom me the puppy pooped in the play room. I grab some paper and my old dog goes running by me leaving a trail of giant poop turds. 

The puppy did not poop she had direah all over my freshly shampooed carpet, and my kitchen. As I’m cleaning it up she proudly comes running in with a big dog turd in her mouth that I missed. As I was walking to the bathroom to wash my hands the cat pooped in the hallway. 

now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to brush the puppy’s teeth. 


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