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From dating to..creeping…

   So I met this guy in a parenting group; single dad, teenager at home, full time mechanic, owns a house and a car. He seemed like he could be a good friend, someone to have fun with. I was very upfront about everything, and that I’m just looking for fun, that I’m an attached mom and don’t leave my daughter a lot so mostly daytime stuff and occasional evenings. 

He asked me to meet him yesterday at the park, we could feed the ducks, talk. He texted me he was running late, no biggie. 

I overlooked the fact he showed up filthly. I thought he would change and clean up after work but whatever. He proceeds to tell me his “story”.  He was a truck driver, came home early and his wife was kissing another man on the front porch. He bashed the windows, headlights etc. on the guys car and said he would have gone after the guy next except his wife and kids were freaking out. Can we say anger issues? 

Next he reveals he has 12 children. 12!!! I have no clue if they are all with his two ex wife’s or not but 12! And he wants more.

He proceeds to tell me how he came home from work the other night and his 14 yr old was in bed with his girlfriend and her two best friends but his son said not to worry cause he was safe and oh by the way needs more condoms. And he thinks it’s awesome.

I gracefully bow out and hop in my car to leave when he shoves himself thru my window and hugs me. I think it was meant to be a kiss that  I managed to avoid.

In the 24 hours since then I have recieved 11 texts from him including one at midnight and one at 2 am, even though I have replied to none. He has informed me he is bored, would Love to have breakfast with me because he misses waking up to someone, that he is buying an SUV that is the same as mine, asked me to go to Vegas for the weekend in two weeks and asked me to come over tonite because he is feeling lonely and would like to feel my warm body against his while we watch a movie. 

I sent him a message telling him I don’t think we are on the same page, that xyz were red flags/made me uncomfortable and he wants to know  “well do you still want me to talk to you or not?”


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