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Sometimes being a parent sucks 

     In the calm quiet morning, Lovebug peacefully sleeping while I sip coffee and watch the birds at the feeder you would never guess that yesterday a storm raged on. You would never guess that yesterday was my most challenging day as a parent and that I broke down in front of my daughter and cried my heart out for several minutes while she patted my back. 

       Love bug has just turned three last week and already i know that terrible 2’s have got nothing on my threenager. ( my 3 yr old teenager)

       She wants wants to do what she wants, when she wants without interruption. She expects things to appear the minute she demands them. And hell hath no fury like Lovebug being told no! She screams and throws a mean tantrum. She hits me, she has started biting me. Her favorite phrase is “mean mommy” followed by “stupid woman”.  She will argue, try to negotiate, pretend not to hear me, and flat out tell me no or “don’t tell me that!”. Be it that I tell her to clean up or interupt her make believe play to ask what she would like for lunch. 

    Last Friday she started antibiotics for double ear infections, along with a nasty head cold. Wed she was playing outside and got a few mosquito bites which she had an allergic reaction to. (silver dollar sized & bigger, blistered in the center surrounded by an angry bright red welt) One of her ear drums ruptured yesterday. So add all that to her newfound attitude and it spells nightmare! She was a screaming mess from the moment she woke up and bedtime could not come fast enough. Everything was wrong even if it’s what she wanted. For example she wanted to hold the cat but then had cat hair in her shirt, she wanted a grilled cheese but not want me to cook, she wanted chocolate milk but did not want me to put the chocolate powder in it.

It was my hardest parenting day and most trying. Laying down to put her to bed I whispered to her ” it’s a miracle you made it thru the day” Half asleep she stroked my check and said “I love you mommy, you are my favorite” 


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