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Moms Christmas wish list

As the holidays approach moms (and some dads too) become unintentionally stressed out. It’s not that we don’t love this time of year but it becomes a bit overwhelming.

First we have to actually put up all the beautiful decorations while keeping our little ones from destroying them in the process. Then there’s cleaning up all the glitter and pine needles. Next is making all the crafts that are oh so cute when finished, and if you have ever had paint, glue or glitter around a Small child you understand what a chore it is! Cleaning house around all said decorations is a nightmare. Then there’s cooking, planning, shopping… And never once do you get to make a Christmas wish list. So here is a list of what moms want most!

1. Someone to professionally clean the house after all the decorations come down.

2. Take the family out to dinner so the kitchen can stay clean for one night

3. As soon as the kids wake up take them out so we can sleep In without hearing them.

4. Continue to entertain them so we can have an uninterrupted shower or bath alone that lasts longer than 5 minutes.

5. Chocolates and wine

6. A child free night to actually enjoy the chocolates and wine.

7. Wash, vacuum, shampoo, and wax our car. And never mention what was seen while doing so.

8. Buy us a non mommy gift like a sexy bra that’s not a nursing bra.

9. A heartfelt compliment that is not related to the children or being their mother.

10. And if you really wanna go all let the kids sleep with you while we hide in the locked guest room.


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