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How to keep your kids cool in the car

I don’t remember if I saw it or read about it but when I saw the noggle I instantly wanted one. My daughter was read facing at the time and in the 110 heat my small SUV took forever to cool her down. My heart ached every time I took her out and she was red faced and drenched in sweat.
The noggle is an insulated, flexible hose that form fit attached to your air vent and can be clipped to the headrest, car seat etc to direct air to your child. The end is very much like a vent and safe for your child to hold and has several fashionable patterns to choose from. However it also comes with a nice price tag that is out of my budget and seems way too expensive.
I googled and searched for a diy but came up empty handed. However a trip to ace hardware with T, and some creativity later……

Problem solved!! We used the smallest diameter dryer hose they had which is insulated and flexible and can be cut to any length you want. I got 8 feet but later cut it down to 5. We attached it using some small spring loaded tension hooks that we clipped to the inside of the air vent and thru the dryer tube.


My vents near the doors are found and it’s a perfect fit however I’m sure it would work on a rectangle vent as well, you may need to just bend the flexible wire in the hose to fit your vent better. The shorter the hose the stronger the air flow is and while it’s not as strong as it is coming out of the vent it works. When she was rear facing I tucked it need the headrest of the rear seat aimed at her. She is now forward facing and I have it under the headrest of the front seat.

While I’m sure you could find some type of screen to go into the end I didn’t see the point and left it completely open so as not to restrict any air flow. You could easily sew a decorative sleeve to cover it or probably even paint it. This cost about $11 to make.


5 thoughts on “How to keep your kids cool in the car

  1. Hello,

    I just saw your tutorial and I’d like to make my own “Noggle.” What material is the hose you used? Where did you buy it? Thanks!

  2. Did you use a 3 or 4 inch vinyl vent? Is this a toyota? It looks like my Rav4. Going to the store this evening to get parts and I see both a 3 and a 4 inch vent available. Have you had any issues with this since you made it?

  3. Thank you for writing this DIY! My 6 week is old is a sweaty mess when I get her out of her rear facing car seat & it’s only Spring & in the 70s or 80s. It’s going to be 100+ when summer hits. Did you use scissors to cut it or sonething stronger?

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