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Forgot my child in the car

Summer is here. I absolutely love summer as it means longer days filled with Popsicles, watermelon, playing in the sprinklers, and swimming past sundown. The scent of sunblock, coconut and chlorine are an every day part of my life.

However it also means heat and brings the devastating stories of children left in hot cars. Back before I was a parent I remember a mom telling me I didn’t understand,and not that she ever would ,but she could understand how someone could forget their child in the car.

My daughter is about to turn two, and I’m a single parent. Even when I was with her dad he was no help, at all. My daughter had reflux, and milk/soy protein intolerance and colic. So trust me, I understand what it it’s like to be running on empty, to have no break, and no sleep. I averaged 4 hours of sleep, on a good night for the first three months. And not all in a row either!!

I still don’t understand how you forget your child, the love of your life in a vehicle and not realize it immediately. I don’t understand why it seems understandable to anyone and why the need for reminders that your child is in the car Is acceptable! I have seen several things in the past week in Facebook and Pinterest about putting your shoe in the backseat and whatnot so you don’t forget your child.

Does your little person not make any noise in the car and you so rarely have them in your car that it’s normal for you to not be carrying them as you leave your vehicle? Are you routinely home alone so you don’t notice the lack of sound, demands to be fed, changed or interacted with? How do you go about your day being apart without giving thought to what/how they are doing which would prompt you to remember them left in your vehicle?

I try not to judge others and I’m about second chances but if you are so distracted, busy or whatever your excuse is then I don’t think you should have children.


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