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Nursing a toddler

Recently i was asked why I still nurse my 22 mo old. I even had a dentist comment on how I “can’t” let go.
I don’t force her to nurse. She enjoys it. She doesn’t see it as wrong, or dirty.
I nurse because it’s what she has known her entire life. It doesn’t just give her vitamins and nutrients but it gives her comfort, it is the ultimate band aid that fixes everything from scraped knees to hurt feelings. It relaxes her, makes her feel safe and secure.
It forces me to be in the moment with her, after a rough morning with a cranky teething toddler feeling her turn to jello, her body completely relaxed as she melts into my arms and her intoxicating smell filling my nose; it beings me back into the present into what really matters and it’s not getting the housework done.
It fills my heart so full of overwhelming love for the little person staring into my eyes that I feel my heart may actually explode, sometimes tears run down my cheeks.
I know that I don’t cherish it at 2am when I’ve been nursing a sick child for hours and my skin is crawling and I do not want to be touched anymore but I grit my teeth because I do cherish that she lives every minute of it. I love that I can give her such comfort. That I have her to nurse when so many women can’t have little people or can’t nurse the ones they have.
I realize like everything else that tomorrow she will be older and before I know it this phase of our relationship/life will be over. Like everything else it’s over way to quickly. It’s such a short time in my life and intend to enjoy it.