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Please just stop meowing!!!

What is it with animals as they get older, specifically cats. At first I thought it was just my cat but T stayed with a friend while out of town and their older cat was the same.
My cat jewel is around 17 years old. I got her from a rescue shelter when she was 6 months old. She was incredibly timid and it was a few weeks before she would even sit in my lap. She has always been a talker but now she never stops. Ever.
She meows when she wants to be petted, She meows when you pet her. She meows when she has to go to the bathroom, she meows after she goes. She meows if her food bowl is not filled to the brim, she meows if she wants table food thought she sniffs it and walks away. She meows if she realizes she is in a room by herself, she meows at her reflection in the window. She meows if you move, make any noise or even breath heavy while you are sleeping.
I love her but the meowing is making me crazy. If I ever get another cat I want one that doesn’t ever make any noise at all.


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