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Sometimes life sucks

Hard times, bad luck sometimes life sucks…. Yes that’s from a song and yes it’s true but it shouldn’t be true to a little person, to an innocent 17 month old toddler.
Lovebug had dental surgery on January 23. They put her under and did a pulpotimy, which is like a root canal, and a crown on a tooth she broke two month back. I thought seeing her so tiny on the bed with the oxygen mask and unconscious was the hardest I would have to go thru with her and I wish It had been.
The following Wed she started throwing up. She kept throwing up and stopped having wet diapers. Thursday evening her pediatrician refered us to the hospital for dehydration as she had not had a wet diaper in 24 hours. They gave her a dose of zofran, a few Popsicles, some power aid and when she kept it down for an hour sent us home. She threw up once that night and once the next morning. She had a wet diaper the next morning but that was her only one.
Thursday my mom came over after work with movies and soup for dinner. She took a bath with love bug while I ran to get cold stone creamery. My daughter had been sick but happy with no fever at all.
She was walking into the bedroom after her bath to see me when she fell on her bottom. I scooped up to give her a hug. When she stopped crying mid cry I became alarmed and moved her from my shoulder to look at her.
That image will be burned into my head forever. Her entire body was stiff, her fists were clenched by her face, her eyes were rolling in her head, she was drooling and gurgling. I said her name and my voice alarmed my mom Who walked in. I said she’s having a seizure call 911. My mom though she was holding her breath and said to rub her with ice, I said no she’s breathing, it’s a seizure call 911. Help arrived in the fastest response time I have even seen or heard of, about 45 seconds before we heard the sirens and only a minute before they were in front of the house.
After the seizure she could barely stay concious, her body was jello. The paramedics stayed about 30 minutes until she was fully awake and back to herself, asking to nurse. They said it looked like feberal seizure but we should take her in because it was odd there was no fever. In my pajamas I threw clothes on her and my mom drove us to the ER. They took her vitals, used a cath to get a urine sample, attempted an iv which went thru her vein, so they placed one in her foot. This all took just over an hour. She was hysterical, it was too much and immediately after she went into a second seizure. As she lay on the bed tense and unaware I cried inconsolably. The RN, Alex, was calm, checking her vitals, then telling me she was coming out of it, to pick her up so she’d come to in my arms.
They needed more blood and drew it from her hand, did a nasal swab, and hooked up monitors to her chest to watch her. They did a ct scan while she slept. Alex was amazing with her and me. He rubbed my back, wrapped me in heated blankets while I held love bug sleeping In my arms. She was checked by a dr who admitted her to ICU so she could have her own nurse. They transferred us at midnight.
They continued monitoring her, giving her iv fluid and gave her anti seizure medicine. Love bug slept without stirring, the stress too much for her until 8:30 Friday morning. She woke for about an hour in the wee hours of the morning to play, clearly exhausted and loopy. My mom and I got about an hour of sleep.
At 8:30 the neurologist came in and talked about the different possibilities and what he wanted next. At 10 am she had an EKG. That morning she finally had a wet diaper, and continued to soak one after another as the day went on. Around 11 they moved us to a regular peds room, they took out her iv, unplugged the monitors and let her walk around.
All her urine, bloodwork, and the nasal swab was negative except for hand, foot & mouth which is a viral infection and unrelated. The ct showed a spot of calcium for which they want to do an MRI and MRA in a few weeks but that is also unrelated. The neurologist had not read her EKG but believes her seizures are caused by an over active nervous system. When she feels stressed and becomes very upset she does not take In enough oxygen which causes the seizure. I still think it has something to do with her dehydration. They released her at 7pm with anti seizure meds. We will have a follow up with her dr this week who will have the EKG results to see what is next. She will have the MRI & MRA in the near future.
Right now I’m laying in bed, she’s pressed against me sleeping peacefully and I can’t stop the tears. Tears of relief that she’s in bed with me, tears from stress and fear that I’ve been holding back, tears from fear of what’s next and that something like be wrong with my daughter. And I’m thankful , for my mother who was at my side thru it all, for the fast paramedics, for amazing RN’s like Alex.

Update: 2-27
She has not had any more seizures. Her pediatrician believes they were caused by her being sick as dehydration can cause an electrolyte imbalance which can cause seizures.
She was put under this morning and had both an MRI and an MRA done an we should have the results next week.
She has an appointment next month with the neurologist to go over everything.
And for those who are curious, No her dad did not come see her in the hospital or the following week. He has not gone to any of her appointments nor did he go today.