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The joys of a dog (the dirty truth)

Get a dog. Every kid needs a dog. I’m sure if you have kids you have heard it. And if you don’t have kids you have heard some variation. Dogs are mans best friend after all.
They greet you when you come home, are always happy to see you, willingly cover you in kisses. But this is about what you don’t hear….. My roommate has a dog. She’s a 65 lb beautiful solid yellow Anatolian lab mix.

Since her companion of 14 years died she became an indoor dog and stopped eating so we started adding yummy things to her food like table scraps and beef broth.
We all decided to go to the park taking the dog to run and play with my daughter. We ducked under the gate and ignored the no dogs sign as we went out onto the baseball field like we have several times now.
Soon she began sniffing in circles, the dog signal for I’m going to poop. We had bags in the car so no biggie…..wrong!!! The dog squatted and what appeared to be a chocolate milkshake came flying out like projectile vomit just from the wrong end.
The following day I’m scooping litter boxes and when I go into my roommates bathroom I see cat poop, fresh and gooey all over the floor. The dog has beat me to it. When I go I to the kitchen to get some disinfectant I see the dog still has a cat turd in her mouth and thinking it’s a game runs from me. She was in the middle of the kitchen when I yelled to her to stop. She got startled. Remember the milkshake projectile vomit from the wrong end…..oh yes, all over the kitchen floor.
So if you don’t have a dog think about this. If you do have a dog think about this before giving table food!!


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