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Really, you’re tired??

H looked at me very stunned when I told him to shove his tired where the sun dont shine after he complained he was sooo tired and that I don’t understand because I get to stay in bed until 9 every day, Never mind that I am non stop from the time I get up until the time I go to bed (See my what did you do all day post) let me tell you about my night last night , and the last two weeks or so.

At 8pm we sat down to watch a movie thinking love bug would nurse and fall asleep. She played happily until 8;15 at which time she started biting me and fussing. After nursing I gave her a teething ring, her fussing escalated to screaming in pain and frustration. I offered her many different things to bite and put teething gel on her but none of it worked. I finally took her outside for a walk. Calmed down  I came back in and attempted to follow the movie which had been playing the entire time. She immediately began fussing again so I gave up and took her to bed.

At 9:45 she was finally asleep. Thinking  H would load the dishwasher I stayed in bed with her and played on my phone. At 10;30 finally relaxed and ready to sleep I closed my eyes just to be startled as I was falling asleep by H coming to bed, he Had to kiss love bug which woke her up so she wanted to nurse again. I lay there nursing, irritated by his snoring for the next 20 minutes.

When Love bug rolled over and went to sleep, I settled into a more comfortable position, apparently my moving sent some signal to the cat that I was ready to pet her because she started frantically meowing at me as she sat just out of my reach. I wiggled down to reach her and pet her before she woke up the baby. As my eyes were drifting shut again my bladder began to protest. I crept out of bed and went pee.

While I was gone Love bug decided she needed more space and the cat took my place in bed. I squeezed into the space between the edge of the bed and the cat which prompted her to start meowing again this time waking up the baby who wanted to touch the cat. The more love bug touched the cat the more the cat meowed which made love bug want to touch her even more. Can you see the problem here?

Now love bug was wide awake and wanted to play while daddy snored away, completely oblivious. At  2am she went back to sleep and I was finally able to get some sleep…… but that would be too easy!

At 3:30 Love bug wanted to nurse again. While nursing she pooped. When I got her up to change her she was burning up so I took her temp to find she had a 102 fever. I gave her Tylenol, went pee and rocked her back to sleep. I settled into bed just as H’s alarm went off. Though Love bug slept thru him getting ready, I could not. Promptly as he left his sons alarm went off. At 8am the house was finally quiet and I got another hour of sleep before love bug was up for the day.

And imagine my delight when I stepped in cat puke not once but twice on my way to find my kitchen full of dirty dishes!

For those wondering about the fever, we did go to the Dr and love bug has an ear infection.


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