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And the day is not even half over

Without thinking it thru H agreed to take care of his daughters dog ( a shiatsu)overnight last night and today until 6pm. Keep in mind we have two cats, one of which is really old, H works, we live in a condo with no yard and I’m allergic to dogs. Starting to get the picture?

It started off okay as H’s son closed his bedroom door and kept the dog with him all night. H left at 7 for work and P left at 7:45…Cue whining, barking and scratching at the door which turned into howling. Love bug woke up and started screaming.

I put the cats in my room, let the dog loose in the house, close my door and nurse love bug back to sleep. The dog starts to whine and claw at my door. The cat begins to frantically meow as if the dog is going to get in and eat her. The cat poops all over my room. The dog begins to howl which wakes up love bug. I give up, get dressed, get love bug dressed, clean up the poop and open my door to find dog pee covering my hallway. I clean that up and take the dog out where she sits and stares at me for 10 minutes. We come back in,  she promptly goes in my kitchen and pees.

I clean it up and open my fridge to find it empty of anything to drink. I decide I deserve a treat so love bug and I go to village inn for breakfast. I come home and immediately step in pee when I walk in. I clean it up and take the dog outside for a 20 minute walk. We come in and she pees in my living room.

Love bug is tired and crabby. I’m tired and crabby. My house smells like dog pee and needs to be cleaned. My eyes are swollen, red and itching. I have hives and am wheezing because the dog is laying next to me but at least she is quiet and not going pee (at the moment).


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