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I used to clean my entire condo, do all my laundry, go shopping and clean my car. All in one day, every week so that the rest of the week I could focus on other things and enjoy my clean house.

Maybe I’m a bit OCD but I’m not one to put things off and I hate having a dirty house. I can not relax when I know there is laundry hiding in the closet, dust bunnies under the couch or something rotting in my fridge. Since my daughter hit the stranger danger/separation anxiety phase a month ago I cant get anything done or rather something always needs to be done.

My partner cant keep her happy for more than ten minutes and since she doesn’t see anyone else on a daily basis, as far as she is concerned, everyone else is a stranger. It takes me two sometimes even three days just to clean my condo. Another day to strip beds and do all the laundry. Yet another day to plan a menu, write a list and go shopping. By then it’s time to start all over again.

The icing on the cake…I have company coming. I love these people dearly, we haven’t seen them in six months so I’m excited. But they are staying at my house which just made my OCD go crazy! My partner  thinks I have finally truly lost it, though he does say that all the time.


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